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Dry Shampoo Powder

Dry Shampoo Powder

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Meet your next Holy Grail product.

This dry shampoo powder can be sprinkled or dusted on with a fluffy brush to refresh oily, limp hair. Or you can put it on your hands and fluff it through. Separate the hair into sections and apply to roots. Fluff and live free. One application lasts all day, and even all day tomorrow! This dry shampoo can withstand humidity, sweat, and putting your hair up and down all day long. No gritty texture, no tangling---just soft, fluffy hair! 


Directions: Use a fluffy blush brush to distribute through hair roots, shake some into your palms and distribute through hair, or dip your fingertips in for a precise application. A little goes a very long way!

This 4 oz jar will last and last and last. One jar is estimated to last 2-3 months with heavy use. Products are handmade in small batches. Packaging may look different than pictures but it is the same amount of product. Ingredients: oryza sativa (rice) powder, orris root, mica (if applicable), fragrance.

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