Here We Go!

Good evening, my lovelies!

My name is Catherine. I'm the owner of Rusalka Apothecary. I'm also the person behind the products. I began building my business nearly five years ago by slowly collecting equipment and materials, funded largely by my main career as a Registered Nurse. It has always been my dream to own my own business since I was much younger.

I have a degree in English (and nearly a minor in studio art), an Associates in Nursing, and am pursuing my degree in graphic design. All of these elements come together to help me make the best products possible. Each part has given me a leg up on researching ingredients, deciphering peer-reviewed articles, using my nursing knowledge and medical experience to make reasonable decisions about what goes into the products, and what to consider for user experience. It even helps me take my own product photos! My ultimate goal is to make products that are affordable, efficient, quality, and make you feel good using it.

I created Rusalka Apothecary with the idea of evoking an old timey apothecary with handmade soap, candles, and personal care goods. I have many recipes I have saved up in my little book of ideas and there will be more products coming soon!

As of right now I'm a one-woman show. I do everything from running the website, the product research, making the products, photographing them, and shipping. This is such an adventure!

Future updates will be posted on this blog and I hope to log my progress coming up with new, exciting, and innovative products that I think you'll love.

Rusalka Apothecary little black book on laptop keyboard.

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